• Keeping Markets Strong, With Mineral Prospector Mick Shmazian

  • Posted on August 22, 2018
  • It’s hard to doubt that expert mineral prospector Mick Shmazian has gained a fine reputation as one of the best during his 20 years in the game. That is a good thing, since the global economy is quite reliant on the strong efforts of mineral prospectors, who play a critical role in keeping minerals flowing which keeps the everyone productive and moving forward. Since advanced technology uses many mineral resources that are in finite supply, not maintaining a steady supply can lead to rampant inflation in the market.

    Since price volatility in the minerals markets are no good for anyone, for more than two decades, Mick Shmazian has been deeply involved with the identification, review, and analysis of mineral deposits all over the world. Due to the volatility of most other markets, it has become increasingly important to keep the minerals market as stable as possible. The maintenance of huge stockpiles and reserves of mineral resources like gold, silver, coal and oil, among many others, into the market, is a critically necessary element of keeping certain minerals markets steady and to prevent unnecessary volatility.

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